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Welcome to Team Winter 2012

My name is Winter Vinecki. I am 11 years old and founded Team Winter when I was nine. Since founding Team Winter, I have helped raise over $150,000 for the Prostate Cancer Foundationís research programs. My goal for 2010 is to raise over $200,000, enough to fund a Young Investigator Award for 3 years. The Young Investigator Award is a program created by the Prostate Cancer Foundation in 2008. They are recruiting the brightest young medical researchers, believing that the youth of the World will put an end to suffering and death from prostate cancer.

Losing my 40 year old dad last year to this disease was very difficult for my family and I. I am here to prevent as many families as possible from going through that experience. I appreciate those who have chosen to fundraise and race for Team Winter. Equally important are those who make a simple donation. I am here to tell you, from experience, even the smallest donations can still add up quickly to $200,000.

You can sign up to fundraise with me by clicking on "Register to Fundraise" on the left.

Or if your friend or family member is on my team, you can donate in their name by clicking on "Sponsor a Participant" on the left and looking them up by name. Click through to their personal fundraising page and make the donation there.

Here is to the 1 in 6 men dealing with prostate cancer. We are closer to a cure everyday. Stay strong. Thanks for your time and/or donation.

Winter Vinecki

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