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Welcome to Z AFAC Archive: Athletes for a Cure: 2008 CrossFit Fight Gone Bad

And the winners are...

High fundraisers ($2500 gift certificate to Bigger, Faster, Stronger):

>25 Petranek Fitness with $51,293.40

<25 CrossFit Boston with $25,685.25

Facility raised >$10,000 (owner of a facility gets custom dog tags):

Petranek Fitness
Andy Petranek

CrossFIT Los Altos CA
James Noriega

CrossFit Central
Jeremy Thiel

CrossFit Boston
Neal Thompson

CrossFit North Carolina
Sue Fathi

Capital Jiu Jitsu
Thomas Meehan

CrossFit Oakland
Nicole Okumu/Mike Minium

HyperFit USA
Douglas Chapman

High Score Individual Awards (custom dog tags):

Class A:

1. Male: Herm Blancaflor- 432 (Crossfit Los Altos)

2. Male: Zach Miller- 414 (ThreeRivers CrossFit)

3. Male: Bryan Diaz- 393 (Alamo CrossFit)

Class B

1. Male: Glenn Waters 385 (Crossfit Cincinnati)

1. Female: Ashley Smith - 317 (Alamo CrossFit)

2. Female: Angie Starmer - 293 (CrossFit Iowa)

3. Female: Melissa Popovich-287 (CrossFit HB)

Class C:

1. Male: n/a
1. Female: Kshipra Pitre - 260 (CrossFit Iowa)

Class D:

1. Male: n/a

1. Female: n/a

2008 Fight Gone Bad Film Festival Winners:

Best Video

1. Bellingham WA

2. CrossFit Central

Best Soundtrack

1. Jeannie's Beach CrossFit, VA

2. CrossFit LA

1st: Highest FGB Score Documented: n/a

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Top Fundraisers
1.Damien Clark
2.Andy Petranek
3.Eric Willis
4.Thomas Albert
5.Scott Kolasinski
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Team Rank
1.Petranek Fitness
2.CrossFIT Los Altos CA
3.CrossFit Central
4.CrossFit Boston
5.CrossFit North Carolina
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