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Welcome to Athletes for a Cure 2012

This is the fundraising site for Athletes for a Cure which is only used to make donations to any athlete or event that participated in 2012 and is still ongoing.

If you would like to register to fundraise, please click here to sign up >

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Athletes for a Cure is a non-profit program using our love of athletics to save lives through research that will lead to a cure. We raise awareness about the 2 million American men living with prostate cancer and the 30,000 who will die each year. Our goal is to be a force of hope and to recruit others to join our cause. Then, we use the funds raised by Athletes for a Cure to accelerate the most promising prostate cancer research. Find out where the money goes by visiting PCF's research page >

This site is designed to make it easy for athletes to get involved and raise money for prostate cancer research. Should you have any questions or just want to share your story, email us at

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Athletes for a Cure

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