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Baby Rowan knows her Grandfather...
Rowan's mother never knew her Grandfather..

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Granddaughters should know their grandfathers!

Twenty seven years ago, Rowan’s mother was born and her grandfather died. A love that was lost forever…

Every month over 20,000 families will learn a loved one has prostate cancer. As we worry over February's weather, over 2,500 families will attend a funeral of a man that lost the good fight.

I survived the cancer my father did not. I enjoy the love of a granddaughter my father never had. Someone we don’t know gave their bounty and breakthroughs were made. It is our collective generosity that will make the difference! Over 150 donors have gotten me this far, please help close the gap.

When death is the outcome, failure is not an option. I failed in my first effort to raise $55,000 to save lives of those to come. Please join me in sharing our bounty to finish that goal to save lives.

I will complete a 55K to finish raising 55K by my 55th birthday.

Please celebrate our being alive and make a difference by sharing your good fortune to save another.

Your partner in this great enterprise of life,

Emerson Knowles

PS: I take no prizes, 100% of your money goes to fight prostate cancer.

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