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Join us in our efforts to support the Prostate Cancer Foundation!

My Dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer on May 1, 2009. He has always been the strongest and bravest man I know and has faced this head on with a smile across his face.

We started out this journey with a plan of running 10 races to raise $1500. Then, we doubled both of our goals. We ran 20 races with the hope of raising $3000. Because of all of your generosity, we not only met but exceeded that goal as well! Now with 30 races and 1 mustache under our belts, and more races on the calendar, we want to step it up even more. We've raised our fundraising goal to $10,000 and know we can get there with your help!

If you can donate, and wish to do so, THANK YOU. We appreciate all of the support that we have already and will continue to receive!


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